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Monday, September 20, 2010

Shopping Trip

On Friday, my mom and sister and I went to Fargo, ND for a shopping trip.  We stayed the obligatory 48 hours so as to avoid paying duty on all our stuff! (up to $400 a person anyway). We managed to stay under our $1200 limit by, oh, about $38.  I have never bought so much stuff in my life!!! It was a great shopping trip and so much fun to just relax and do girl stuff.
Friday: Drove to Fargo after school/work, jumped in the hot tub in our hotel!
Saturday: 10am started shopping and came home at  7pm; Went out for supper at Spitfire, had a few drinks and hit up the hot tub again
Sunday: Stores don’t open until 12pm and check out was at 11pm... so we went to Chuck E Cheese to kill time and had a hilarious time playing arcade games.  Went shopping again until 5pm and then heading to Grand Forks to eat supper at the Golden Corral....Most massive buffet ever!

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